The Story Behind this Blog

Being from the South, Silver is a very big part of my life. It doesn't have anything to do with wealth. Although those with more money - old money, tend to have more of it. New money tend not to spend their money on Silver. They do not have the appreciation for the warmth of the metal, the beauty of the patina, the story it tells of the generations past who have used it. A true southern girl comes of age when she chooses her silver pattern, long before she chooses her mate. If she is smart, she chooses that of her mother, grandmother, or favorite great aunt who in their benevolence will pass their silver on to her. It is the pieces in those sets, the pieces on our tables, along with the pieces we find in the corners of the displays in antique stores that prompted me to start this blog. They are beautiful, they are odd, but what are they, and what in the hell do you do with them?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food Pusher

Food Pushers were designed for young eaters not quite nimble enough to use their knives. This would help them push their food onto their fork. You can find this piece in most patterns.

Shown in Chantilly by Gorham (4 1/4 inches)

Food Pusher Solid

Shown in Repousse by Kirk Stieff

Shown in Lily by Whiting (3 1/2 inches)

Shown in Milburn Rose by Westmoreland (4 1/4 inches)


  1. As dear as it comes!! Thank you for these beautiful photographs and sensitive words about our past - and present.

  2. I can take no credit for the photographs. I do hope to reach those who share my love and passion for these lovely pieces of art. When I look at today's patterns, and think of what used to be, there is no comparison. The sad part is few people understand what is lost. I just hope those lucky enough to have sterling, appreciate what they have - and use it.

  3. You are right, wonderful historic art! I love my sterling!! It is my very favorite of all possessions. I am happy to learn what a "food pusher" is... Surprisingly, even my 75 yr young mom did not know- she was just telling me what 'chocolate spoons' are,though :)
    It is so sad we are so uncivilized, fast paced, unaware of our past, and rarely take time to enjoy meals and our china, silver & crystal together. I make any day /occasion/event an occasion to use and appreciate it, as much as I can! Really appreciate the post!

  4. Thank you so very much! I have collected silver for more than 50 years but I never came across a baby pusher before. I thought at first that it was for mashing baby food!

  5. I was told by someone whose family has these that they're not meant for use by the child eating, but for the person feeding the child so they can easily maneuver food into a spoon.

  6. The food pudher was used by the child itself, to prepare it for the later use of the knife.

  7. Thank you for this information! I am one who still admires sterling and received mine from my parents for our wedding - 4 place settings and then one each year for Christmas until we had our 8. I just acquired my great aunt's Whiting Lily and have to add to it as there were pieces missing. I have seen the food pusher for forever and am so glad to do a search and come up with your answer! Thanks. Come and visit. I will be posting a tablescape with my new sterling sometime soon.