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Being from the South, Silver is a very big part of my life. It doesn't have anything to do with wealth. Although those with more money - old money, tend to have more of it. New money tend not to spend their money on Silver. They do not have the appreciation for the warmth of the metal, the beauty of the patina, the story it tells of the generations past who have used it. A true southern girl comes of age when she chooses her silver pattern, long before she chooses her mate. If she is smart, she chooses that of her mother, grandmother, or favorite great aunt who in their benevolence will pass their silver on to her. It is the pieces in those sets, the pieces on our tables, along with the pieces we find in the corners of the displays in antique stores that prompted me to start this blog. They are beautiful, they are odd, but what are they, and what in the hell do you do with them?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stieff Rose by Stieff

Stieff Rose debuted in 1892, the first year Charles Stieff established his silver factory in Baltimore. Stieff Rose is very similar to a pattern made by then-rival Kirk, known as Repousse (which was introduced in 1828). Though very similar in design, the two patterns are different.The two companies merged in 1979, and the company is now known as Kirk Stieff.

Stieff Rose by Stieff (1892)

Repousse by Kirk (1828)

Dinner Fork (7 1/4 inches)

Regular Fork (6 7/8 inches)

Berry Spoon (8 1/8 inches)

Berry Spoon

Ice Cream Spoon (6 1/8 inches)

Ice Cream Spoon

Roast Beef Serving Fork (7 inches)

Salad Fork (6 inches)


  1. My mom just gave me the Stief Rose set. I came across your blog while researching it. I was surprised to discover how valuable it is.

  2. It is very valuable. If I were you I would have it appraised. It is a lovely pattern. Thank your Mom!!!

  3. You might want to check out my site, THESTIEFFCOMPANY.COM

    It is a history of The Stieff Company as well as a massive look at the SILVER and the story behind it. (several hundred pages of Stieff silver) ((I am a collector... not The Stieff Company, which is long long gone)

    KIRK STIEFF itself no longer exists. The silver.. is now only made in 3 of the KIRK patterns and the Stieff patterns are gone.. unless if you count STIEFF ROSE, which is special order only and can take up to 12 months for delivery. The patterns are now made by Lifetime Sterling.. in a factory in PUERTO RICO of all places. ((SIGH))

  4. A very interesting and well done site. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Hopefully any readers here interested in The Stieff Company will use it as a reference. Also, I appreciate your reading my Blog.