The Story Behind this Blog

Being from the South, Silver is a very big part of my life. It doesn't have anything to do with wealth. Although those with more money - old money, tend to have more of it. New money tend not to spend their money on Silver. They do not have the appreciation for the warmth of the metal, the beauty of the patina, the story it tells of the generations past who have used it. A true southern girl comes of age when she chooses her silver pattern, long before she chooses her mate. If she is smart, she chooses that of her mother, grandmother, or favorite great aunt who in their benevolence will pass their silver on to her. It is the pieces in those sets, the pieces on our tables, along with the pieces we find in the corners of the displays in antique stores that prompted me to start this blog. They are beautiful, they are odd, but what are they, and what in the hell do you do with them?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fish Serving Set

The Fish Serving Set is one of the larger serving sets found in the older patterns.The knives range from 9 to 12 inches in length, the forks range from 7 1/2 to 10 inches in length. As with most of the serving pieces, they are usually ornately decorated. Often the blade of the knife will have a waved edge.

Bridal Rose by Alvin

 Repousse by Kirk Stieff

Baronial Old by Gorham

Imperial Chrysanthemum by Gorham 

Frontenac by International


  1. Wow. These are amazing. i'm brand new to silver flatware. I live in the Midwest and i don't think I know anyone who owns real silverware. I'm just starting my own collection.

  2. Just take it one piece at a time.

  3. I hope I can control myself :) I have an obsessive personality and i've been a fan of sterling silverware for years and recently got two place settings. I hope to keep adding over time as i can afford it.

  4. If you keep checking ebay, and are patient, you will likely find some great deals. I'm southern (NC) but my wife is mid-western (Iowa) and I have taught her to like sterling. Warning: It can become an obsession, especially given the ease of using PayPal I bought abput fifteen casserole spoons before I regained control of myself.