The Story Behind this Blog

Being from the South, Silver is a very big part of my life. It doesn't have anything to do with wealth. Although those with more money - old money, tend to have more of it. New money tend not to spend their money on Silver. They do not have the appreciation for the warmth of the metal, the beauty of the patina, the story it tells of the generations past who have used it. A true southern girl comes of age when she chooses her silver pattern, long before she chooses her mate. If she is smart, she chooses that of her mother, grandmother, or favorite great aunt who in their benevolence will pass their silver on to her. It is the pieces in those sets, the pieces on our tables, along with the pieces we find in the corners of the displays in antique stores that prompted me to start this blog. They are beautiful, they are odd, but what are they, and what in the hell do you do with them?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Salad Serving Fork with Wooden Prongs

This is a very practical piece, that can be found in both old and new patterns. The Salad Serving Fork with Wooden Prongs (and usually accompanying Serving Spoon both wooden bowl). And, they are commonly fairly large pieces usually ranging around 11 inches in length.

Prelude by International (10 5/8 inches)

Etruscan by Gorham (11 1/2  inches)

Pointed Antique by Reed and Barton  (10 3/4 inches)

King Edward by Gorham (10 5/8  inches)


  1. Hi, I love reading your informative posts! I have mixed feelings regarding these wooden pronged salad serving implements. For one, my mother and I prefer the solid sterling ones but the problem is that they are in contact with dressings that may be acidic and/or have eggs and that can stain and pit the silver if left for too long. Vermeil, or gold plated silver, would solve this, but that seems too gaudy. What would you prefer and what is your opinion on these wooded serving tools?

    Also, I just realized how similar King Edward by Gorham is to our pattern of Francis First. It made me do a double take!

    1. First, thank you for reading my Blog and thanks for the kind words. I agree with you whole heartedly about the wooden utensils. That is why this post is the first since I started this blog 4 years ago, in which I have mentioned them. That said, you find them in almost every pattern for the reasons you stated. However, I find the gold wash not to be gaudy in the proper place. The gold wash bowls that are on various citrus spoons, ect. is not "gaudy" per se, because it is a lighter color that tends to blend in with the sterling silver stems. You will note I often use pictures of pieces that are "gold washed" as examples in my posts. I do that simply because on line, they show the details of the pattern better. Personally, I love sterling for the warm patina of the silver. For the record of all the sterling I own, I do not have any of the "wooden" pieces, nor do I own any pieces that are totally gold washed. ACW